'In part we know and in part we prophesy…" 1 Cor. 14:7


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Upcoming teaching

On Friday, Nov. 2nd we will continue learning how to deal with the demonic. We’ll teach on the spirit of control.

At some point or another, we all come to the realization that control and the desire to control are very much part of the human experience. It’s seated deeply in our carnal nature. Unfortunately, it doesn’t remain only a carnal issue. The spirit of control is key factor in making this one of the most difficult parts of life.

Some of the teaching will touch on:

  • What is control and what is perceived control?
  • The difference between controlling personalities, habits, culture and the demonic.
  • Getting free before you start helping others.

And more.

If you ended up at this blog post and you live in the Twin Cities area and would like to join us for this time of teaching and ministry, please comment on this blog or email me here.


One thought on “Control

  1. Coming for teaching on control Friday!

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