'In part we know and in part we prophesy…" 1 Cor. 14:7

Rational or revelational?

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When it comes to deliverance, there’s not much the rational can help us in dealing with demons. There are, of course number of common sense things we can be aware of, but the rational can’t be allowed to dominate our approach.

For example:

  • Destructive Behavior – It’s completely irrational that demons would push people towards destructive behavior, but they do it all the time.
    • Here’s the description of destructive behavior in the Gospel of Mark: “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”Mark 9:22
    • Think about how much of the cultural fads are in essence a form of destructive behavior – drinking, drugs, immorality. All those are demonically inspired and proliferated in the culture. God is a God of Life and he does not want us to harm ourselves or others
  • Cruelty – before you think about animal cruelty (and yes, that’s demonic as well), think about how cruel people are to other people. Cruelty is spoken of in the Bible in many places: Deliver me, O my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the grasp of evil and cruel men.Psalm 71:4
    • Cruelty is defined as: “rude, unfeeling; cruel, hard-hearted,” related to crudus “rough, raw, bloody”
    • Demons of cruelty can manifest through words and through emotional torment.
    • Cruelty is rooted in deep seated rejection. It’s not enough to cast these demons out, it’s important the person to be filled with God’s love.
    • Cruelty is a form a revenge. People who are hurt, feel like they are the victim of injustice and in a perverse way feel like justice has been done, when they are cruel to someone and see them suffer.
    • Promiscuity – promiscuity is not rational. There’s nothing rational about people going around and ending up in bed with tens and sometimes hundreds of people. It’s a bondage that makes people hate themselves at the end of the day, but if they are bound by a promiscuous demon, they are under its power and they feel like they are missing out on “life” if they are not sleeping with a new partner every three months.


    There’s nothing rational about these three patterns of thinking and lifestyle, just like there’s nothing rational about any demonic patterns in our lives. Psychology attempts to explain everything, as if everything can be explained. Science, after hundreds of years, only recently explained how the humming bird manages to fly when it shouldn’t.

    When approaching the issue of deliverance from demons, we must learn by revelation and we must practice by revelation. The Holy Spirit reveals to us what bondages are in place and the complex structures of demons operating in our lives. That’s what can lead us to freedom, not endless psychologizing of everything.



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